Monday, May 15, 2006

Raphael survey


This survey evaluates the activities of a group of persons in a class of English. The answers, or results, were put together into graphics for a better global vision. If I do this every year, the survey would bring us to evaluation more efficiently the time students spend on activities versus their grades mean.


I am able to present you the synopsis of the results of 57 students. My survey is composed of 10 questions referring to different subjects. For example: to know where they live, how many hours do they spend watching TV and how many hours do they give to studying. Most of the questions have multiple choices answers but for few of those questions, the student can add his ideas or comments.

Results :

The results for the followings questions:
How many hours do you study in a week?

Do you work? If yes how many hour per week?
The results show that a student works more hours than the amount of time he spends in studying. The majority of the students study between 3 and 5 hours but work from 10 to 15 hours per week.


Students want more money faster. They want to earn some money for their personal needs. For question #7: How do you go to school or work? We can see that 50% of those students go to school by car, so they need to work to pay their cars. Many of the students like to go to the restaurant more than once a week. That is also quite expensive. The student needs money for all these bills and activities that leads him to study less and often work harder, if not only work and stop school.


I learned during the survey that many students wanted their independence for the transport, to go to school by car. It forces the students to work many hours plus the fact that they are actually going to school full time. The hours they take for making money could be used for studying instead. The real question here would be: If students would take hours at work and put them at school, would they get better grades?

Monday, February 27, 2006

Olympic Stadium

Designed for the 1976 Olympic Games,
now the Olympic Stadium is big place to do many activities like a cars exposition or books expositions. It’s a beautiful lagging. The lagging is white and the tower too, but the tower is particular because, it’s not straight. The biggest part of this Stadium has a big roof and this roof is hold by a long cable and these cables are fixed to the tower. This is a very cool design!

If you want to go very high, you take an elevator to go there
in the top of the tower, it has a shot place where all peoples can go to see at the windows to admire Montreal, the wonderful city.